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Welcome to our family owned and operated shop. Since 2012, we've been serving our local patrons and vacationers alike.

We not only have an extensive variety of spirits to choose (from the simple to the sublime) but we also carry a wonderful selection of wines that stand out from the local grocery stores nearby. In addition, if you don't see something that you like on our shelves, we'll be very happy to place a special order for you.


Having a party? We'll be happy to assist you with the liquor aspect of your party planning. Give us the details and we'll help you figure it out!

Are you new to the neighborhood? If we don't currently carry your favorite libation, let us know.  We'll be happy to order it and see how it does in our store on a regular basis!


Most importantly, it's the atmosphere we - and our customers- have created in our store. We took, very seriously, the idea of creating a neighborhood store. In that sense, we share that love with our Locals, Military and First Responders by offering a discount on your purchase.  We want to let you know how must we truly appreciate what you do for our neighborhood and country.  Oh ya, we haven't forgotten your K9 partners...We've got a treat for them too!





My dad insisted I join the family business at 18.  I took over the store and made it profitable and unique.  I eventually expanded and opened another store which I ran for a total of 40 years between the 2 locations.  I created a fun and friendly atmosphere where our customers always came first.  With the motto of “If we can’t make you laugh and we can’t make you smile then we haven’t done our jobs”


My dad would bring me to work with him in the morning before I went to school and you’d find me behind the cash register at 5 years old trying to help out with customers.  It was inevitable that I’d join the team at 21.  I worked at both locations before opening this store in 2012.  


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